Anglický jazyk

1. I ________ the swimming pool on Monday evenings.
2. She couldn’t remember where she ________ her car.
3. I put ________ sugar in my coffee.
4. We ________ work tomorrow.
5. A key is a thing ________ you use to open doors.
6. He ________ me not to tell anyone.
7. What ________ you do if she doesn’t reply to your email?
8. Let’s order a pizza. We don’t have ________ to cook for dinner.
9. This castle ________ in 1600.
10. I don’t have ________ money left, because I bought a new jacket.
11. The train was so ________. We couldn’t move.
12. I have ________ and blue eyes.
13. Can you turn ________ the radio? I want to listen to the weather forecast.
14. My brother’s really frightened ________ spiders.
15. Don’t be so ________! You’ll have to wait.
16. I’m sorry I’m late. I ________ the bus.
17. She won’t be very happy if she ________ her driving test again.
18. I look ________ my mother. We have the same eyes and nose.
19. He fell ________ the steps and broke his leg.
20. Say ‘thank you’. You have to be more ______.
21. A ‘Where’s Jack?’ : B ‘He ________ to the library. He’ll be back soon.’
22. My brother ________ in Peru for three months. He’s really enjoying himself.
23. Please drive more ________. We’re near a school.
24. I can’t go out ________ I finish my maths homework.
25. Tom really believes that ________ women can’t drive very well!
26. The exams are next month. You ________ a timetable next week.
27. He’s the boy ________ brother is in my class.
28. Can you tell me where ________?
29. They ________ the house if they’d known about the noisy neighbours.
30. Helen told me she ________ to Rome the following weekend.
31. I went out with Tessa last night and she paid ________ everything!
32. Laura usually has two ________ eggs for breakfast.
33. The footballer _____ the ball and scored the winning goal.
34. We must stop at the petrol ________ on our way to the supermarket.
35. That horror film is ________! Don’t watch it late at night.
36. I showed my student card and got a 20% ________on the books.
37. My parents will be very angry with me if I don’t ________ my exams.
38. I wanted to buy some tickets for the play, but they’d sold ________.
39. I worked at the film company for four months and got lots of useful ________.
40. My parents have moved to a ________ just outside the city.
41. The thief admitted ________ the money.
42. It’s very dusty here right now because the office next door ________ redecorated.
43. You shouldn’t ________ that email when you were angry. It really hurt his feelings.
44. He has a ________ car, which he drives much too fast.
45. The boat sailed across ________ Pacific Ocean.
46. I read English newspapers ________ forget my English.
47. Take my phone with you in case you ________ to call.
48. The kids promised not ________ about the surprise party.
49. ________ the plane departed late, we arrived in Hawaii on time.
50. ________ of us went to Paris. We all stayed at home.
51. I felt very ________ when I was late for her wedding.
52. I’m ________ with my new bicycle.
53. You can only carry one piece of ________ on the plane with you.
54. It’s really ________ when people arrive late for an appointment.
55. Bert is a bit down in the ________. He was sacked yesterday.
56. Pull your socks ________ or you won’t pass your exams.
57. The airport was closed because of a ________.
58. We were relieved when Ellie got off the plane because we’d been ________ her to miss the flight.
59. I don’t believe what I see on the TV news. I think it’s very ________.
60. The thief was ________ guilty and sent to prison.